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Ice Cream Halloween Pumpkin Cakes

Ice Cream Pumpkin Cake

Freshly made whippy ice cream lovingly crafted into pumpkin shape for Halloween filled in the centre with scary sweets

Ice Cream Cakes By Ellinors

Always striving to be leaders in the ice cream field Ellinors have created their very unique ice cream cakes

Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream Cake

Hand crafted fresh whippy ice cream cakes are available to order in large and extra large serving approx. 10 or 15.

Cadbury Flake Cake.

The company have supplied cakes to many customer who require a two flavour half and half option.

Sweet Shop &Biscoff
White Bueno & M&M’s
White Chocolate Oreo Cake

Ellinors Ice Cream at Spice Fusion

Ellinors are very proud to be in partnership with Spice Fusion helping to create a fine dining experience for customers.

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