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Single Use Plastic Free for 2022

Ellinor’s Ice cream van hire attempts to go as single use plastic free as we can.


There comes a time when it becomes impossible to ignore what’s all around us, and what do we tell our Children’s children when they ask what did you do to help, and our answer is “Nothing”.

Its time?

Enough is Enough when the images of our damaged world are all around us!

We look inside ourselves and say, whatever I do how can it make a difference? will my actions change the world?

Probably not a lot but every great whirlpool started with a ripple.

And doing nothing cannot be the answer.

So Ellinor’s Ice cream have decided to take a lead in their industry and become one of the first ice cream van hire company’s to go SINGLE USE PLASTIC FREE. Being one of the first will result in an increase in costs to the company as sourcing products and sundries isn’t easy with the usual everyday suppliers.

Will it be 100% plastic free? No, the company forecasts a 90% expectation so not perfection yet.

Company spokesperson Mark Ellinor said “we feel this is the right message to send out to the public and children we meet at events and school fetes and fairs each generation influences the next.

If each event or school fete organiser looks to not only ice cream but all their stalls and participants making some sort of effort surely it’s a start in the right direction”

Speak to a member of the booking team today to discuss your event, what Ellinor’s are doing in their attempt to reduce single use plastic consumption, and how will an ice cream van from Ellinor’s help raise money for your event or charitable organisation.

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Home delivery for your freezer

We are very happy to announce our brand new home delivery freezer range.

Delivered contactless to your door.

Put in your freezer to enjoy at your pleasure, ready when you are.

Choose from our range of freezer pots,

Traditional Lemon Ice, Nutella Fusion, Lotus Biscoff, Bubblegum, Strawberry, Chocolate, Flake 99 style, Oreo Fusion , Coconut, Mint choc chip

To order please go to Ellinors Ice Cream Facebook Page for local deliveries.

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