Creating a Promotional Ice Cream Van

Bespoke Vehicle branding is an excellent way of further enhancing your promotional campaign.

There are three levels of branding:

  1. Windows Only
  2. Part body and Windows
  3. Full body wrap

Please take a look at the gallery below to see the branding process for a full body wrap. Click on the thumbnails to display a larger version of each image.

Important Information Regarding Vehicle Branding

To build you a quote for a custom vehicle branding, Ellinor’s Ice Cream will need to know:

  1. Date or dates for hire
  2. City / Cities / Town to be visited during campaign
  3. Complimentary ice creams / lollies / or products -number you wish to cater for daily
  4. Which one of the three levels of branding you require

It is very important that we know the level of branding as we are required by the Vinyl company to supply our hired van to them for fitting and this time has to be calculated into your quote.

In addition to your hire, please allow extra hire days as per the table below according to your choice of branding. Should your hire date finish on a Friday, the Saturday and Sunday may have to be considered hire days if the van cannot be re-allocated due to the branding and the removal timetable dictated by the vinyl company.

  • Windows Only (No extra hire day charge)
  • Windows and part body ( + hire day for fitting + one hire day for removal)
  • Full Body Wrap (+2 day hire for fitting + two day hire for removal).

With the information supplied, Ellinor’s Ice Cream can then build your detailed campaign quote and introduce you to our specialist design company who will build your vinyl branding quote separately according to artwork design requirements.

Speak to our expert event booking team today to discuss your specific requirements. To find out more and to discuss how we can help you stand out from the crowd then contact us today.

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