Covid 19 Update

Ellinors ice cream have from the beginning of the covid pandemic acted at all times in the best interest of customers, staff and family.

The company have always been committed to being part of the solution and not the problem. The company went into lockdown prior to the Governments instruction, only switching operations to contactless deliveries once they was satisfied all the supply chain was safe and acting in the way Ellinors require for complete safety.

All company wholesale deliveries are put into a quarantine area and every package , container and surface area sterilized prior to placement within the stock control areas.

All deliveries through the pandemic have been totally contactless and online payment.

As the year moved on and rules have been relaxed operations have slowly bit by bit opened up to a controlled street service. All the vans have been fitted with serving screens and contactless payment encouraged. Any cash taken is placed directly into a 24 hour sterilization pot and change given from the previously sterilized days money.

To add even greater control the company are probably the only operator to NOT return to serving cones. Company Director Bonita Ellinor said ” I know people like a cone but its virtually impossible to hand cones out without server and customer hands touching, when this is done numerous times a day its a risk factor we decided to eliminate”. All ice cream items from the company continue to be served in tubs or containers.

With Government measures around the UK ever changing the company due to strict controls and diligence can switch at a moments notice to contactless deliveries if required.

Covid 19 Product Windows with the elimination of cones.

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